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We finally came back from Germany. There are a lot of things to say. Our gig was great, the stage by the lake was gorgeous, all the feed backs we had from German people made us very happy. People were really interested by all the music and bands in the festival. We saw bands like get Well Soon, Hundreds, Zebu!, Bratze, Kat Frankie…
We were sorry for this Russian band who couldn’t come because of visa problems. We’d like to thank again Andreas and all the La PAMPA guys for their great work and for having us there!!
And the week after, we checked out Berlin. What a great city! We stayed only for 3 days and we tried to go everywhere. As a result we were dead tired back home. Another thank you to our friend Juan for the Berlin trip.

So now, we go back to Germany in September, west side this time, Reutlingen KuRT Festival

Catch us there you German people =) see you soon!!

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